Northfold Manor – Arathi Highlands

Northfold Manor, home of the Syndicate. Scoots stumbled upon this zone recently and discovered it’s a nice little grinding area. The mobs are in a rather compact area, just spread out enough to rarely have more than two go aggro on you at a time. They do flee when they have low hp. Some of them go stealth, especially around the edges of the zone, so I take it slow with Scoots.

It’s a decent PvP area as well, mostly players in their low 30s, with an occasional higher level passing through or ganking for evil pleasure.

I did a little research about the zone on the web and discovered a level 31 quest called Northfold Manor, which you get at Refuge Pointe. It was an easy “kill so many creatures” quest and gave me 2500 experience. This is the kind of zone where you spend a little time leveling, then move on. Not much loot here, as you’d expect from a grinding area. I looted two green items in an hour of grinding. Not a bad place to use your pickpocket skills. All in all, it’s a pretty boring zone. It seems there are a bunch of these grinding “farms” in Arathi Highlands, and they are all pretty much the same.

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  1. Arathi Highlands one of those places where on a PvP server to get Gank alot. But Over all its still i nice place to be at in game of world of warcraft

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