Raid on Tarren Mill

I was minding my own business, trying to find Stromgarde in Arathi Basin, when a online friend invited me to join a raid on Tarren Mill near Southshore. So, I joined my first raid.

I had no idea was was going on. I tried to do a little quick research, but there was next to nothing on the web about 40-man raids of Tarren Mill (however, there was plenty of info for raids on other high-level zones). The only point of this raid I can see are gaining honor points from killing horde and having fun with forty players.

It was cool to help bring down level 70 player (especially as a level 33). There were also waves of npc characters guarding the mills that kept attacking us. Killing them gave no experience.

In the end, the raid wasn’t very succesful. Waves of of high-level horde players showed up and owned us. The Alliance ranks soon thinned out, and the raid died out with a whimper.

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