The Auction House Blues

Why is it that all players in WoW always seem to have better equipment than Scoots? He spends all of his gold at the auction house but still only has three blue items, with the rest your average green. I see players that are level 35 and have all blue equipment. They must get equipped through their guilds or mains or something. I know I’m more of a casual player, and I don’t run many high-level zones. I guess I just have to rely on auction hose or miracle drops, like the wolf-harness I got in Stranglethorn.

I’m pondering, what should my equipment-buying strategy be? It seems a bit silly to spend a lot of gold on a dagger that will be “obselete” in four or five levels. Should I just hoard my gold until high levels? What is a player to do? Don’t you need the next powerful weapon to help kill the next powerful monsters? I guess I’ll just have be patient.

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  1. nobody buys items from AH unless they are a twink, run instances out all day and u get the items u need, sometimes be a fag and ninja items others might need

  2. Green items are plenty fine for the average player that is focused on just leveling the character at a comfortable pace. Don’t be afraid to buy greens from the AH to fill in gaps in your armor that you don’t have drops/loot for. However, you can’t always find a good deal (i.e., a good value) on the AH. If not, don’t worry about it and don’t waste your money for anything you are not going to use for more than 5-6 levels.

    Any of my characters with blue items have gotten them from doing instances, usually with PUGs (pickup groups). Check on wowhead or wowwiki for loot from bosses in an instance to see if it has any that will help your character. For instance with my rogue, I found Scarlet Monastery Armory and Cathedral nearly a total waste of time (as far as rogue armor & weapons), but Maraudon to be of immense help in gearing up. For example, I wore blue chest armor and carried a blue fist weapon that dropped in Mara from level 46 until replaced by rewards from the first two Outlands quests at level 59.

    Oh, and btw, “nobody buys items from AH unless they are a twink” is totally wrong. LOL

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