The Princess Trapped

I just completed a quest called The Princess Trapped in Drywhisker Gorge. There are a bunch of spread out kobolds guarding the entrance, then a winding cave that eventually leads to an obelisk that you right click on to complete the quest. There were a couple kobolds guarding the obelisk. I think it was 3, but I’m not sure because one of them may have been killed before I got there.

I think this quest would have been best done with a partner. I got a little lucky as there were some horde players messing around inside. They made it easier for me by clearing out some mobs. They also caught me by surprise and killed me. But then they made the mistake of forgetting about me.
After regaining my life, I stealthed down the corridor and caught one them, a level 35 hunter, in the back with a garrote. The fool didn’t flee or buy time for backup, he just kept on fighting me. His friend was too busy fighting around the corner to come to his aid. The Horde hunter was quickly bleeding to death from the garrote. Then, to make matters worse, my poisoned blades caught him, further draining away his hit points. Help eventually did arrive–the warrior sprinted into view around the corner–but too late. The hunter crumpled to the ground with a final death gasp.

Now, for the warrior. I was low on HP and needed some time to heal. With a toss of a little flash powder, I vanished. Now, the vanish skill doesn’t always work in these situations. Even if a rogue is stealthed, a faint image can be seen if he’s too close to the enemy. Luckily, the warrior didn’t see me. But I wasn’t out of trouble yet.

Residual damage (bleeding or something that causes damage over time) caused me to come out of stealth. I scampered down the corridor and, not having not been engaged in combat by the warrior, was able to stealth again. I waited until full health, then easily disposed of the warrior as well. Ah, revenge, a dish best served cold.

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