Combatant Claymore: Priced to Move

I had to auction the combatant claymore 3 times before it sold. The buyout price dropped each time, from 25 gold to 10 gold to finally selling at 8 gold. I spent over 1 gold on the auction fees. I really had dollar signs in my eyes after looting that item, thinking I’d get the same 25g I got from the enduring cap. Disappointing, but that’s ok. Still, I’m glad to get a big chunk of gold to fatten my coffers.

I have Scoots taking a break from leveling to play a little Warsong Gulch. It’s best to play the PvP games when you’re the highest level possible for each level range. But, even at level 35, I still like to play for the challenge. The only bad thing is, the Alliance side mostly loses when I play, and thus, I do not get the maximum 3 Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor.

I’m up to 38 of hard-earned gold. I feel rich, even though I know many players have thousands of gold pieces. Whatever, I’m just a casual player anyway.

Back to the Arathi Highlands for some grinding.

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