Arathi Basin: Protect the Farm

More PvP last night, this time in Arathi Basin. More butt whippin’ by the Horde. It seems clear to me now that the Horde is the more powerful of the two factions. Why? Not sure. It could be as simple as more people play Horde, and that could be because the Horde characters look better than the Alliance. Aesthetically, for the Alliance, I like gnomes, both men and women, I like human women, and I like night elves. The dwarves just look dumb, especially dwarven women. But the Horde characters all look pretty cool to me in a sinister way. Even the troll race has this unsettling appearance that’s not pleasant, but still kind of cool in a dark way.

Also, the Horde could be better because good PvPers like to stick together to learn from each other.

In any case, I enjoy being the underdog, so it’s been fun. I tend end up in the middle of the pack in terms of kills

I’m pondering starting another character. I’m thinking about priest, since everyone is always looking for a good priest. Paladins are also very powerful. Mages seem complicated but fun and powerful. You don’t know how many times I’ve been killed by a mage’s fireball in PvP, or have that crazy fear spell have me running in circles during combat.

More grinding for Scoots tonight. I will stick to Arathi Highlands. Need that level 40 mount.

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  1. I think the reason Horde wins at AB all the time is geography. Horde has a slight edge in taking the blacksmith, and our triple-point is Farm/BS/Lumber Mill, making it easy to move between the 3 in a pinch for defense. By all rights, the lumber mill is a far-superior node to control than the gold mine, as you can recon 3 other nods (Stables, BS, Farm) from the mill, while you can see squat from the mine. Accurate intel and communication is half the battle in AB (the other half is having a group that actual follows directions).

    The alliance triple-point is GM/Stables/BS, not nearly as good a combination. Having played hundreds of AB battles for the Horde, and having seen Horde win about 75% of these and often winning by controlling our triple-point node (BS/Farm/LM), I think the value of this geographical advantage is potent.

    Not that I mind it, but frankly, it would be more-fair to randomly start teams from either side. This would even out the advantages given above.

  2. Great point about the view from the Lumber Mill being an advantage, as well as your point about how the Farm-Blacksmith-Lumber Mill combo is easier to defend. From my experience, it’s easier to keep an eye on on Blacksmith from Lumber Mill and run down to help BS you see Horde running to BS.

  3. Just going to second the LM as a great recon point. I use it a lot in PUG to call the ball and keep people directed. Strangely, the horde all day yesterday largely ignored the LM, sending only small teams which I and my partner quickly decimated. *shrugs*

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