Scoots’ Equipment: Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp-Dressed Rogue

Here are a few pieces of Scoots’ equipment as a level 35 rogue.


Since Scoots reached level 30, I’ve been having a difficult time getting him weapons. Particularly daggers. Let’s take a look at what I’m using:

One-Handed Swords

Electrocutioner’s Leg

Electroutioner’s Leg

A rare item that Scoots looted off of the Electrocutioner 6000 in Gnomeregan. It’s not an ideal rogue weapon because it gives no bonus to agility (or any other stats for that matter). But at 22.1 dps, it still is a powerful weapon for swordsmen in the low 30s.

Electrocutioner6000 The Electrocutioner 6000

Knightly Longsword of the Monkey

Knightly Longsword of the Monkey

This is a good rogue sword that I purchased off of auction for 2 gold (a very fair price I think). +4 agility and +4 stamina at 20.3 dps.




I do not like this dagger, but I do have two good things to say about it. First, you can usually get them cheap. Second, it gives a nice little attack power bonus when fighting beasts. Scoots is a skinner, so killing beasts is my trade. I’m looking to replace this as fast as possible. It has an ok dps at 20.5, but no bonus to agility. Times are hard for Scoots right now, what can I say?

Deadly Kris of the Tiger

Deadly Kris of the Tiger

This is a nice little rogue dagger that can be had for a couple gold pieces off of auction. Mine is +4 agility and +3 to strength.


Heavy Crossbow

Heavy Crossbow

I picked this up from a vendor. I don’t put a lot of time into my ranged weapons. However, it does a good amount of damage when I get a shot off. I tend to use this only when luring mobs or in PvP when I come late to a fight. Rogues are close-in fighters. If you’re fighting ranged, you tend to lose the fight.

Ammo: razor arrow, 7.5 dps. Purchased at arrow vendor in major cities.



Wolffear Harness

Wolffear harness

I made a previous post about looting this in Stranglethorn Vale. Still one of my favorite items.


Archer’s Cap of the Monkey

Archer’s Cap of the Monkey

A green item purchased off of auction for 1.5 gold. I like this item because it looks good on my rogue (although ultimately I’d prefer no cap to show off Scoots’ spikey green hair). +9 agility and +8 to stamina.


Forest Pendant of the Tiger

Forest Pendant of the Tiger

Purchased off of auction for 2.5 gold. Not a bad rogue item, it gives +5 agility and +4 to strength.

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  1. For the head, what is better, I would say for me having a lvl 38 rogue, nightscape headband. It has a very good agility rate, so i would choose that over yours. Great gear though.

  2. If you don’t like the way your headgear looks, go to interface options in the menu and click “hide helm!” 😀 You can then admire your spiky green hair all you’d like. Night elf guys have the weirdest emotes, but their voices are all deep and shmecksy~ XD And yes, well-dressed rogues are indeed pretty hawt. o_O

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