Equipment Buying Strategy

This is a basic equipment-buying strategy I just figured out:

You buy higher level equipment before you get to those levels.

I am currently level 36, and I just purchased a level 37 dagger and level 37 armor. They will be waiting for me when I level, and I will have their benefits right away.

It’s sad it took me this long to figure that out. I had always been reactionary, buying items when I gained that level. The auction system is intimidating. It takes a while to figure out how to sort through all the items. I suppose once you have a second character to buy equipment for, the idea of sorting through equipment your character can’t use is a bit more obvious.


I was determined to improve my cooking skill today, which has been stuck at 150 for a long time. I researched how to get the next level. I had to travel to Ashenvale to Silverwind Refuge to buy the Expert Cookbook from a vendor. I’m now happy to say I’m an expert cook.

Expert Cookbook The Expert Cookbook.

Barbecue Buzzard Wings, here I come.

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