Grinding in Stranglethorn; Cooking, First Aid, and Engineering

Current level: 37.

Finally reached level 37 after grinding for a couple hours in Stranglethorn Vale. It took me a 2.5 hours to do 30k exp. I know that’s pretty bad for grinding, but I was also pickpocketing (which earned me some good cash by selling a jewel (citrine) on auction house for one gold piece. It came from a junk box). Also, there was tons of horde around PvPing. But, I made it to 37,  and it felt good to be able to use the equipment I had in storage since level 35.


After I became an expert cook a couple days ago, I am now using three cooking recipes I’ve been keeping in the bank: Sagefish Delight, Barbecued Buzzard Wing, and Roast Raptor. They all add +8 stamina and + 8 spirit for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, there are no +agility recipes at the expert cooking level, which would really help my rogue. In fact, the first + agility recipe isn’t until 240. It’s called Grilled Squid. It seems dumb to have to train so high before diversity of benefits shows up. It seems lame and a little lazy in game design to have a generic +stamina benefit for a bunch of same-level recipes.

Grilled Squid Grilled Squid.


I’ve neglected my first aid skill, and I can still only make the linen bandages. I used to collect hundreds of the linen cloth, but I sold them on auction house. Now I rarely loot them anymore, so I wish I could get all that linen back. Bandaging is a little more convenient than food (ie, quicker), so I’m really kicking myself right now for not training it up.


My two primary professions are skinning and engineering. The skinning profession I use all the time, and has made me hella lot of gold. I’ve barely used my enginering profession. The early recipes all require my to get copper bars, which cost a crapload on auction house. I hope there is a way to make that money back in the long run like there is with enchanting. I’ll have to look into it. That’s the great thing about WoW, there are so many aspects to the game that you can’t simply master them all at once.

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  1. Heya; just tracked back from your link to my Arathi Basin guide. Nice blog you got going!

    Just thought I’d mention, if the aim is to make money, I don’t think Engineering will pay you back later; the problem is, most things an engineer makes need a certain level of engineering to use, which rather limits the market. On the plus side, you get some fun stuff yourself, like the jumper cables which can be a (literal) life saver (when they don’t go wrong…)

    Your best bet for bringing in more cash would be to pick up a second gathering profession, either mining or herbalism; like you noticed, raw materials always sell for a crapload at auction!

  2. im a lvl 40 rouge and just recently started in stranglethorn and lvled like 3 lvls in 1 night like 7 hours it is alot easier in stranglethorn and need help on my skills mate

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