Grinding in Arathi Highlands, PvP in Arathi Basin

Current level: 37

Today, I spent time grinding for experience in Boulderfist Hall in the Arathi Highlands. The monsters are mostly level 35-37, so I’m only getting around 200 experience each. But they are easy kills, so it goes fast. I pickpocket then kill. An occasional horde walks through, so a little PvP happens once in a while, keeping me on my toes. There is also a graveyard nearby, so you can resurrect in very little time, and it’s back to fighting. After finishing for the night, I’m about three fourths of my way to level 38.


Here are my current weapons, both purchased for around 3 gold off of auction:

Razor Blade of the Monkey Razor Blade of the Monkey. A very nice 23.8 DPS dagger, minimum level 37. It is +4 agility, +5 stamina. I have been rocking the Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch PvP with this dagger, going with 15-20 kills per match and 3-5 deaths. So I guess I’m proof you don’t need all blue equipment to succeed. It also shows what a difference a few levels can make. At level 35, I was getting hammered in the PvP games. I’m really hitting Arathi Basin hard in hopes of getting 4000+ honor to spend on an item I’ll mention in a second. But now, my offhand weapon.
Nobles Brand of the MonkeyNobles Brand of the Monkey. An decent sword with 22.1 dps, +5 agility and +4 stamina. Minimum level 35. I could probably score better off the auction house, but I need to spend my gold wisely–I have a long way to go until level 60. This is merely my offhand weapon anyways, so now reason to spend too much.


I’m spending a lot of time in Arathi Basin, building up my honor points to purchase:

Insignia of the Alliance Insignia of the Alliance. It goes into the trinket slot and costs 4125 honor points. It dispels all charm, fear, and polymorph spells. I am drooling for this item, espeically for PvP situations. Mages drive me mad when they cast those spells on me. While I’m running around senseless or baaaaaing as a sheep, they have time to reposition themselves and cast spells. Only bad thing about the trinket is that it has a 5 minute cool down, so I’ll only be able to use it a few times in the PvP games (which usually last around 15-25 minutes). Another drawback is that it seems to be only for PvP situations, so I think a pure grinder would not want one.

Instead, they might want the very affordable:

Talisman of Arathor Talisman of Arathor. Also a trinket, it costs 380 honor and 30 Arathi Basin Marks of Honor. It absorbs 250-320 damage for up to 15 seconds, with a 3 minute cooldown. This is something that would be useful anytime, like a free healing potion. I can buy it from Samuel Hawke at Refuge Pointe.

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