Wild Shore: I’m Not Too Wild About It

Current level: 38

First off, shout out to my homie Scootersex, who messaged me today on the Burning Blade server to tell me he liked my blog.

Today, I spent time in Wild Shore, an area of beaches and islands just east of Booty Bay. It’s not a good grinding area. The mobs are spread out, so you spend as much time traveling to each one as you do fighting. Then, there are clusters of mobs standing around tents. Or, on the islands, they are clustered on the decks of ships. So you aggro 3-4 level 42 mobs at a time. However, there are non-aggro crab creatures who drop Big-mouth Clams. Inside, you might find several types of pearls, which you can sell on auction house or use to make items. I looted a black pearl.

Big Mouth ClamBig Mouth Clam Black PearlBlack Pearl

I found an interesting leveling guide on the net for Alliance players. I’ll take a closer look at it, although the idea of rushing through levels is not for me: Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide. It’s free, so no worries there. If you’re taking too long to level, or just want to get to your level 40 mount, it might be worth checking out.

By the way, the whispering spam for people trying to sell me gold is pretty bad these days.

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