Arathi Basin Strategy Guide

Many players mentally approach Arathi Basin like it’s a battle, running from flag to flag killing everything in site. But in reality, it’s not a battle where victory comes when you kill off the other side. Victory in Arathi Basin comes when you capture and hold more flags than your opponent. The number of enemies killed has little to do with who wins. Once you realize that simple fact, that it’s holding on to flags that wins, and incorporate that fact into your strategic thinking, your halfway to becoming an expert at Arathi Basin

To win at Arathi Basin, there is one strategy that works. And it’s pretty basic: Defend.

It seems simple, but a lot of players get bored just standing there waiting for the other side to arrive. Or, they get greedy with having 3 nodes and decide they have go for 4 or 5. Some are clueless (like I once was) and just run around looking to attack. Also, sometimes your side is just not powerful enough, no matter how well you play at strategy.

The Road Less Fought On

Never fight on a road while on the way to a node unless your team owns 3 or more nodes. Remember that graveyards are an advantage for whoever owns the graveyard’s corresponding node.

Let’s say you’re on the way to the Smith in an attempt to capture it and you come upon an opponent on the road. If you kill that opponent, you’re essentially delaying yourself and sending the enemy back to a node to defend it. By killing the enemy on the road, you’re actually doing the other team a favor! Not only have you cost yourself time away from capturing a node, you’ll have to kill enemies twice—once in the road, and again at the node!

Outmatched? Delay, Delay, Delay

If you are defending a node and are overmatched by the incoming opponent, the best thing you can do is delay the opponent until help can arrive. Remember that capturing a flag can take several seconds. All it takes is one interrupt to make the enemy start over. Instead of focusing on killing the enemy, focus on the bigger picture of preventing the other team from capturing the node.

If you notice that you will be overmatched, call out for help (ie, “4 inc BS”), then do not engage the enemy right away. Wait until they are in the process of capturing the node, then disrupt them and run away until they start to capture it again. Keep calling out for help, telling exactly how many enemies are at the base. Use every survival tactic you have to stay alive, including stuns, healing, etc. It’s ok if you eventually die, just stay alive and disrupt as long as you can. The cavalry is coming, and you’ll respawn at the graveyard to help them. It takes several seconds to capture a node. Disrupt them several times and it starts to become quite frustrating.

Remember that there are graveyards attached to each node. The longer you hold that node, the more likely others on your team will respawn there and provide you with help and disruption. Delay long enough and eventually enough of your team will respawn at the graveyard to give you the advantage.

Healers Win Fights

If attacking, look for healers first. You can usually recognize healers visually by the cloth they are wearing and by the animations of their spells. Get to know their appearance well. If healers go down quickly (and yours stay alive), it can change the tide of the battle instantly.

Look for Enemy Movement, and Anticipate

While defending, always keep an eye out for what the other team is doing on the horizon. If you see 5 enemies heading for the poorly defended lumber mill, immediately report the situation to your team (call out 5 horde inc LH), then check the map to see how many defenders are at that node. If they need help, head there. While on the way, keep checking the map to make sure that you aren’t over-defending and leaving other places undefended. If while successfully defending a node and you notice that there are 6 or 7 people killing one enemy, don’t stick around for clean up. Immediately head to another node for defense.

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  1. hello , i am ferotuus from realm hydraxis.i agree with defending , but most of the time there will be 15 players , 5 in each group. what i do is send group one to BS , group 2 to LM , and group 3 to GM , i usually stay alone in stables and defend and call incomming’s. 4 capped+defend+call inc’s = win….usually works for me 😀

  2. couldnt agree more, but its a great habit to go for the healers of a group as well

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