Pickpocketing: The Rogue’s Oldest Profession.


As long as there has been pockets, there have been thieves to pick them. The pick pocket skill in WoW is just plain fun. It can be dangerous, but that’s what makes it fun. If you get caught, your stealth fades and the mob attacks; so the richer the mob (the higher the level), the more dangerous it gets. But that’s what rogues live for.

Why pick pocket? Because you can get some good stuff, like:

  1. Locked junkboxes, which can have copper or silver or any of the items listed below.
  2. Healing potions (potency depending on kind of junkbox)
  3. Blinding powder. If you’re not an herbalist (and thus can’t gather fadeleaf), this is your best way for getting blinding powder for your blind skill. A single fadeleaf can cost 1 gold on auction.
  4. Other ingredients for more rogue’s skills like vanish and poisons.
  5. Jewels
  6. Recipes (enchanting) and schematics (engineering).
  7. The rare green item and even rarer blue item. *Update* Green and blue items do not appear in junkboxes. They do appear in lockboxes. What’s the difference? Junkboxes are pickpocketed, lockboxes are looted.
  8. Vendor trash.

Junkbox A Worn Junkbox.

Also, rogues increase their pick lock skill when unlocking the boxes, so you can train up your skills for locked boxes dropped in instances, or for helping out other players who are begging for rogues to unlock their boxes in cities (and maybe get a tip for your good deed).

Where are the best areas or zones to pickpocket? Basically, any area where there are clusters of mobs. For example, in Gnomeregan, the gnomes stand around in big groups. You can walk up and pick pocket 5 gnomes very quickly. Lost Rigger Cove is probably the place to pickpockect in your low to mid 40s.

The best technique is to pickpocket from behind, but you can also pick pocket from the front or side. However, using pick pocket from the front gives mobs a chance to detect you (along with the chance to detect your pick pocket attempt). Use your distract ability when you can. If you’re high-enough level, you might not even worry about getting caught and instead go for quickness. For instance, I don’t hesitate to pick pocket the low level gnomes from the front. A macro can turn multiple clicks for pickpocketing into one quick keystroke. A macro also makes the actions happen very quickly in the game. My macro is:

/cast pick pocket


/cast garrote

Using a macro is especially useful if you want to pickpocket while with a group in an instance. Sometimes, the longer you take to assist with a mob, the less helpful you are to your group. So the quickness of a macro helps toward that end.

The amount of money you pickpocket from mobs increases along with the mob’s level. A level 30 mob might get you between 50 coppers to 1.5 silver per pickpocket, but a level 50 can get you between 1-5 silver (Note: those are estimates, I don’t have any collected data or anything). So at higher levels, it becomes less useful to pickpocket mobs that are much lower level than you. At level 50, it might be easy and less dangerous to pickpocket the gnomes in Gnomeregan, but the money you make from it added to the time it takes to do it is not relative to the cost of things at your level. But, pickpocketing mobs around your own level can net decent gold. A level 50 player killing a level 50 mob will pickpocket for 3 silver, then kill and loot another 5 silver. 5+3 = 8 silver. Over 100 mobs, that’s a difference of 3 gold coins. That’s 3 gold coins you won’t have to figure out how to get later. Taking those same 100 pickpocket mobs, you will also add in several gold from selling pickpocketed items. Not a bad deal.

Bottom line about pick pocketing is that you won’t get as rich from it as, say, strategically buying and reselling items at the auction house–I’ve heard all sorts or ridiculous claims about making hundreds of gold an hour at the auction house doing this. If that’s your thing, go for it. That seems boring to me. I’d rather make my gold by stealing it from an ogre’s pocket. If you combine pickpocket along with the other money-making skills (eg, skinning), it will help you compete with evil gold farmers and the players who purchase their gold, and you’ll have a lot more fun. So get out there and pick someone’s pocket.

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  1. You won’t get rich from it but pickpocketing 5-20s from a mob before even fighting is a great deal really.

    5s-20s pickpocket
    5s-20s $$$ loot
    5s-5g vendor trash
    sometimes even some other stuff in it … but counting up … 5 mobs… 20s per mob = 1g.

  2. I’ve been using the pickpocket macro with all of my stealth specials since 35. It’s definitely lucrative over the long haul, especially when you’re running instances with a group. Since your first attack is always stealthed it means you’ll have at least one pickpocket every few mobs you encounter.

    I used to worry about fadeleaf for blinding powder. I even went so far as to train in herbalism, but that was before I found the macro. Since then I’ve been pickpocketing enough blinding powder to keep me sustained indefinitely.

    As for looting a green or a blue, I did loot a green from a junkbox recently, but I can’t remember what kind it was.

  3. Let me also say that if you use this macro it will keep your lockpicking skill capped continuously just form opening the boxes you loot. You never have to go find practice lockboxes

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  5. Your not funny, so shut up. It isn’t nice. A perfect job on the pickpocketing, thanks.

  6. Great work keep it up, people like him above ^ are total retards,

    thanks alot the macro rox

  7. Can you use Ambush instead of Garrote on the macro? BTW great job explaining

  8. I used the macro but modified it to be

    /cast pick pocket
    /cast cheap shot

    this way you do as much or more damage than garrote by attacking while they are stunned and you get several combo points before they even wake up.

  9. My advice is to switch every stealth ability you have to a pickpocket macro before hand. Say you are in outland, kill 100 mobs. the averag loot is about 14s, so call it 14g. you also pickpocket about 9s average, so thats an extra 9gold. It is VERY lucrative.

    In some areas, there are even perks for pickpocketting. For example, the pirates of Tanaris. Picking their pockets yields such things as a box containing Wirt’s Third Leg. You also get 3 map fragments, used to repeatedly find the same treasure. Only for rogues though.

    Im in on the Eonar Server. Join us!!

  10. great explaining and stuff
    i dont really use macros and everything is fine with me sorta kinda…

  11. whats a mob.
    sorry, noob.

  12. hi, i have a problem, i use the pickpcket macro and everytime I pick pocket with auto loot on, it takes the silver but wont pick up the junkboxes? there is space in my inventory. someone please help

  13. Thanks a lot for the pickpocket macro 🙂 made my day

  14. Thanks a lot for the pickpocket macro made my day 🙂

  15. Since lvl 20 I’ve been going in to pick pocket (Sublety Build) Stockade, 25+ Gnomer, 30+ SM, 35+ Uldaman, 40+ ZF, 45+ SunkTemple.. It is awesome, I made a fortune robbing Dungeon Mobs, and my LP skill is capped to max.. Looking forward to head to BRD as soon as I hit 47/48.. Haven’t bought anything but the Vials since lvl 21 for poison..
    My choice of macro, just for dungeon loots
    /cast Sap
    /Cast Pick Pocket
    Works like charms.. When it fails Vanish, lol.. Good luck… HIMU (Farstrider)

  16. You can get items from junkboxes. Even epics, in fact theres 2 known ones. Blinding powder is no longer.

    This needs to be updated big time.

  17. awsome!

  18. sweet! ty man now i know that pick pocketing is actually useful!!!

  19. Hey can you send me a map of WOW with cities on it? I don’t play enough WOW to actually know my way around.

  20. Awesome things here. I’m very glad to peer your post. Thank you so much and I am having a look forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

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