At Level 40, I can’t afford a mount!


Current level: 40.

Looks like I should have started a 401k to save up for my mount. It costs 100 gold in total to purchase and have the ability to ride a basic mount at level 40. I haven’t purchased any decent equipment since level 30, yet I still can’t afford my mount. I’ve sold leather like crazy on auction house. I loot and sell everything. I pickpocket. Yet, I only have 65 gold right now.

I think Blizzard has made it too hard to get the mount. I think of myself as the average WoW gamer. I’m not superintense about the game; I have a job and life outside of the game. I try to play smart. Am I the “smartest” player? No. I’ve messed up by being oblivious about “specs” (I had no idea about dagger rogues, or sword rogues, or pop and lock, etc). Up to a few levels ago, I used my talent points almost randomly (and this, even after I respecced early on). But still, I’ve been cost conscious about equipment. I’ve worked hard to earn gold. So, how come I can’t afford my mount Blizzard?

Sometimes, I think WoW goes too far to counteract gold farmers or people who spend their lives on the game and doesn’t look out for the casual player. I’m not even trying to get an epic mount! I just want my mount that I’ve worked hard for.


I finally purchased my mount.  In retrospect, my whine above about it being too hard to collect the gold for a mount is somewhat out of line. Gold collecting starts to accelerate the higher your level. Once I hit level 40, I collected my final 40 gold in a few days time, just from normal playing and focusing on looting and selling everything. Btw, my mount cost me a little over 90 gold, not 100 gold, as I stated above.

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  1. I had a similar problem. I hit level 40 with my rogue last week but only had about 36g in my bag. I took a major risk and logged on early in the morning and bought out two blue items at the AH which seemed overly cheap. I sold them on, bought two more with the profits and did a few solo runs of the Stocks and sold all the greens. After a couple of days, after all my auctions sold I strutted out to Eastvale Logging camp with 156g in my bag and bought my hoss, still leaving my with enough to go back to the AH and buy Wirt’s Third Leg without breaking the bank!

  2. I honestly dont see why people dont have enough for mounts at 40, at level 35 or so i already had 80g and by
    40 i had 140g. They way i did it was to just run instances for drops and sell everything in the AH, leather, Silk greens etc..

  3. I have a lvl 24 i i alreay have 100g and i bought my mount and my epic mount!!!!!

  4. I am a lvl 43 dwarf rogue and started playing wow in June 2007 – in other words im a noob. By the time i hit lvl 40 I had earnt and spent the 100g at least 10 times, took me all of 2 days to go from 0g to 100g again in order to get my Ram. Getting on top of your professions accelerates the process tremendously. I picked mining and enchanting – mining started earning from day 1, enchanting still owes me about 200g but now i am lvl 300 its bringing in the cash. fishing & cooking are often overlooked and underestimated. (lv 24 with mount?? and epic mount????? questionable!!!!)

  5. Come on, lvl 24 with an epic mount is of course real…

    Everything looks real when you smoke crack.

  6. I am currently level 32 and have 125g. Getting this gold has been pretty easy. All i do is sell all the greens and blues i get from instances and the ores and leathers i get from my mining and skinning 🙂

  7. im lvl 35 with 200g from skinnin for 2 weeks


    I am lv 45 and u have 345g I just sell everything i loot from instances and i charge people from 1g-30g for enchantments.
    My advise for noobs is to pick a proffesin that you can charge people like enchanting and something to rake in the cash like mineing or skinning.

  9. I mean “I” have345g

  10. hello, im dolaneth, lvl 44 troll shaman on feathermoon realm, i starten saving up for my mount at lvl 36-ish, i had 100 gold at lvl 40, i bought my mount and i was totally broke, i can no longer afford decent equipment, food for when im grinding, or even new skills. here is my advice: save up enough money to where you will hav enough to pick you up after you buy your mount.

  11. and the guys who said “i have _____g for ______ing for _ weeks!” you need to GET A LIFE

  12. I have the same problem. I sell everything I get, but at 44 I still do not have my mount…sigh. I think those of you that said you had 100 gold by 30 are lyin through your teeth. Unless, you bought it on ebay.

  13. i am a lvl 40 and i find it very hard to buy a mount i do not have any advice and i need advice badly because all my friends have mounts and they say it is easy to get gold fast but obviously it is not. not long ago one of my friends said he would pay for my mount but he bought his epic mount instead and was broke so i was left mount less.

  14. Maybe it depends on your server and the market your profession can provide, but two gathering skills (herb/skinning for me) got me 120 gold by lvl 40 on a medium population PvE server. I only went on one herb grinding trip around lvl 18 – picking stranglekelp in Rachet for about 3 hours to boost my herb lvl. Maybe I could have done better with a mining combo, but their is a lot of competition for that on my server and it seemed more lucrative to corner the market on a number of herbs instead.

    I relied on quest rewards for armor and weapons and never bought ANYTHING on the AH. I was pretty gimped in groups though – nothing like grouping with people decked out in blues and enchants where I’m in quest reward garb averaging 5-6 lvls lower than me.

    Getting my epic was a bit harder – spent about 25+% of my time gold grinding and playing the AC so I could have it by lvl 60 and afford a profession change/AH mat-spending spree of my own

  15. just skin- simple

  16. Step For Success..
    1) Do not be a begger
    2) Look around in early levels to see if any high level guildies, or friends grinding in Dungeons
    3) Group with them, sit back enjoy the ride, Greed Greens, most players wont mind.
    4) Rinse and repeat
    5) When u have some Greens AH it.. (Try Downloading Auctioneer from
    6) Rinse and Repeat..
    7) Make an AH alt to do the dirty job..
    Good Luck making Money
    HIMU (Farstrider)

  17. iam lvl38 human priest trying to get a mount for lvl40
    and i have now 300g all i do is selling green items and blue items in sh and there u go gold gold gold…

  18. iam 16 druid in server nagrand all i do is needing
    in instance and taking all blue items and sell it
    in ah and i got 100g with a happy bastard smile

  19. fuck off

  20. _ _ suckers


  22. I just hit 20 and I have 35 gold already. The “lying through your teeth” comment just shows how retarded you are. I picked mining and herbalism and pick up almost everything and AT LEAST sell it to vendors. Whenever I’m on a quest I look for herbs and minerals the entire time. I try and be very frugal with my money and just play smart. Occasionally I will go out and mine for an hour or so, hitting up the two mines in Elwynn, collecting drops from the mobs along the way. I generally make around 2-4 gold with each trip, which was also helped me level up too.

  23. Made another 12 gold last night, and put 8 gold’s worth of ore on the AH, really not that hard y’all.

  24. I have been selling med books on my server and had the 100 gold by the time I was lvl 30, I can on a good night sell 10 books with a profit of 1.5 gold each.

  25. I don’t know how you’re having such a difficult time collecting gold.

    By the time I hit level 30 I had nearly 400 gold, by simply selling leather, mined ores and random green items I found in dungeons. If you can’t manage at least 200 gold by the time you hit 40 then you really have no idea what you’re doing, or rather you are incredibly slow to learn.

    First time players should not worry about having enough money for a mount by the level required. It’s not that hard!

  26. Kyleguy, come on. “i am a lvl 40 and i find it very hard to buy a mount i do not have any advice and i need advice badly because all my friends have mounts and they say it is easy to get gold fast but obviously it is not.”

    YOU can’t afford a mount, but ALL your friends can? Don’t you see the irony in your statement? The only thing you proved is that you are incapable of using logic, or your brain for that matter.

    It’s “hard to get gold fast” because you simply fail at making any. In fact, making gold is “easy, obviously”. You are very narcissistic.

  27. No need to worry anymore!In the upcoming patch 2.4.3 mounts are coming to lvl 30 and much less money needed so now you can ride from lvl 30!Enjoy!

  28. Making money for a mount at 40 is easy, usually by lvl 20 i have 50-100g just from mining and skinning. its easy, lvl 30. ill have a mount on all my alts easy.

  29. My first char, ever playing wow. I earned 210 g together whene i bought my mount at lvl 40. It wasn’t a problem, just sell green items at AH and wool cloth etc. It’s easy.

  30. Hello, I am a fire spec level40 mage and i have 275gold atm. When i was lvl 20, i already had 150gold. By level 39 i had 400gold but spent 125gold on new skills,proffesion,mount and some quest items.Before level 35, i had enouf money to get boosted in DM,SFK,STOCKS,SM etc…. So how i done that ? Well by getting herbalism and ench. I sold herbs on AH and DE items that i did not need, and that were BOP (bing on pickup). So you should have enouf money but also it depends on server you play on.

  31. also mount are coming for paladins and locks at level 30 only !

  32. I’ve never bought ANY equipment or ANYTHING (other than my skills, armor repair, flash powder, and posions.) I’m leave 35 and I have just over 200 gold. (Probably because I’m a cheap ass)(PS: All my equipment is from dungeons! :P)

  33. WoW is for pusses. And my best friend

  34. Come on guys be clever, If you want money get 2 gathering jobs (Skinning and herbalism are good) and just sell everything you get on the AH from day 1. This is the quickest way to make big gold. Once you hit Level 40 you should have way more that you need, and at this point you can drop 1 job and take up another that compliments you. (if you drop skinning take up Alchemy or Inscribing as they both use herbs) Making gold is only hard when you don’t know how.

    Oh an some of you need to grow up a bit yeah? you know who you are.

  35. I started a brand new undead rogue on a server I had, never been on, 8 days ago. By level 13 I had 160g, now at lvl 37 I have 350g. I have my regular and epic land AND flying mounts purchased (guild mage posted me to Shatt) , and I am wearing all blues I bought from the AH.

    Stacks of herbs sell for 10-40g per stack, I usually make 100-300g /day (mind you the economy on the server I am using is completely crazy). On top of Herbalism, I am a Skinner, which also rakes in big money, I am up to Heavy leather which sells for 9-16g per stack.

    Fact is, if there is a demand for something, supply it and you will rake in the money faster then you know what to do with it.

  36. Im a level 21 and have 530 gold in the bank just from selling loot on ah and buying cheap and selling high. Just play the ah and youl make a thousand gold in under a week.

  37. i do mining, and on my realm arcanite ore sells for around 39 gold for 20, while 20 bars sell for between 65 and 80 gold. Easy money.

  38. i am currently a lvl 41 shaman i have respecced numerous times and it now costs me 40g i have jst bought my epic mount and skills and still have 493g…. how because i skin and herb…. use the auction house ppl

  39. I’m a leval 37 rouge and I have 2000 gold so all of u suck

  40. I win because I do skinning and fishing I have loads of gold before 100 k and all of u who swear and r rude u r poor losers who have no life so be quiet and by the way I’m 12 so hell I’m smart u are stupid

  41. LOL this is pretty awesome. These days, the Legion fucking *starter* quests give out almost 100 gold!

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