PvP server regrets?


I started out with a character on a PvE server. It was when WoW just came out, and I purchased the game only to discover my computer was too slow to play it. I purchased a new computer (a MacBook) and created Scoots on a PvP server. Why? I thought the “never safe” feeling of PvP would be more exciting. When you’re out grinding in contested territory, you’re always in danger of being ganked.

Sometimes, PvP is fun, like when you spot an enemy, but he doesn’t see you, and you stealth on over for an easy kill. Or, when you are ambushed and somehow survive and slay your enemy. But today, the PvP experience was a detraction to the game. All I wanted to do was turn in some quests at Nesingwary’s Expedition in Stranglethorn Vale and log out, but some level 70 Horde was camping out ganking low-level characters. The Expedition camp is a great area for ganking Alliance, since there are three quest-giving NPCs there. So, it took me 5 minutes to log out instead of 10 seconds.

I don’t regret having my main character on a PvP server. But sometime, I do wish I could turn it off. Such is life.

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  1. weelll, theres other palces to train than stv, everytone know that place is where all the asshole hordes go.

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