Scarlet Monastery: The Armory

My boy, Scoots, ran the entire Scarlet Monastery Armory recently. My group was led by a level 51, so it went quickly and smoothly. Something happened at the end that made me want to smack one of my guildmates. She is a level 35 hunter who uses two-handed axes. When we killed the boss, Herod the Scarlet Champion, he dropped the Ravager, a two-handed axe. Now, I selected greed, fully expecting the hunter to select need so she could have this sweet axe in a couple levels. She selected greed! Then went on to complain, “You didn’t tell me to need it.” Needless to say, I won the roll and practically cried when I sold it to a vendor for 1.8 gold. This think looks really sweet too.

The Ravager

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  1. i have ravager on a orc warrior level 37. i always thought it looked cool but only 1.8g from vendor price is kinda bad. but great dps on it the closest green item that even comes near its dps is lvl 41 two handed axe cant remember its name though. but all in all a good axe.

  2. Well you should have passed instead!! just close down the dialogue without selecting either need or greed.

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