Razorfen Downs: A Brief Instance Review

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This past weekend, I ran two instances, Razorfen Downs and Uldaman. Here’s my review of RFD. I’ll post Uldaman’s shortly.

Razorfen Downs

This is a cool zone, with some nice little memorable touches. The zone, both inside and outside the instance, is a labyrinth. Newcomers to the zone will find it hard to get to the instance.  Inside, there are a few nice animations on the way to completing the zone, like the “gong room.” The gong room is a large room with a gong you right click on. The first gong brings a wave of small spiders, which are easy to take care. The second gong brings two bigger spiders. Again, pretty easy. The third gong brings the boss spider (from whom, I looted my Arachnid Gloves of the Tiger). It’s the first boss of the zone, and a good tone setter. Well designed.

I also love the headbanging skeletons. They stand in a room in front of a huge pile of bones, on top of which stands the second boss of the zone, a skeleton who is pumping up the skeletons below. WoW’s version of heavy metal plays in the background–I kid you not. The crowd of skeletons are making the double viking hand symbol and are headbanging. It’s hilarious.

I only have minor complaints about the zone. The first is, I think the winding path that leads up to the final boss is a heartbeat too long. The need to shave off a couple groups of trash mobs. The second is, they need to fix a bug in the skeleton room. I ran to the back of the pile of skeletons, jumped up onto a ledge, and fell through the zone into some weird blue blue space beneath the instance. I ran around in limbo for 15 minutes until, luckily, my group’s warlock summoned me.

Here are some pictures I ganked off the web. First is the spider boss Tuten’kash, who is summoned with the third and final gong. The second is of some horde players standing on the bone pile.Tutenkash Two Bone Pile

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