James’ Alliance Leveling Guide: Exp, Xtra fast?

Current level: 45

Feralas Forest of Feralas

I’ve been following the instructions of James’ Alliance Leveling Guide: Chapter 2. I actually really like it, but not for the reason you’d expect. It claims to get you experience very quickly. It hasn’t for me; at least not noticeably more so than normal grinding or questing does. What it does do is point me to quests I might never have come across, and helps me complete them quickly with a little less frustration. It keeps me focused, and I ‘m having more fun with quests. But in my opinion, running an instance nets experience much faster. Like running an instance, following the guide keeps you focused on adventuring, fighting, and gaining rewards, as opposed to chatting away with your guildmates or worrying about whether you should update your offhand. So, in a sense, it will get you more experience in the long run, because it makes you more efficient. But what it is not is some secret formula to gain 5 times faster experience.

Last night, I ended my adventures in the lust forests of Feralas (see picture above). It’s my first time there. I find it a very soothing zone. Can’t wait to get back to it.

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  6. His guide is okay. It’s to estimative. He’s just like “You should be at this level at this place, and then grind for a whole level here”…

    … Great Jame, everyone can write a guide saying “grind from level 1 to level 70, kkthxbb”.

    Too much fricken grinding.

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  9. i luv being a noobster

  10. To all you guys and girls, complaining about the information you get for free, here is my opinion and suggestion:


    This guy is using his time to help others, if the things he wrights are right or wrong doesn’t really matter, so go and complain about something else and stop reading things you think are wrong, none of your business.

    rogues rock, but I hate them anyway

  11. Jame’s guide followed completely (and all the errors interpretted BEFORE you set out on your quest) can lead you to 60 in 2 days worth of time. I would say that is much faster than the normal rate of leveling.

  12. James’ guides had plusses and minuses for me. On the plus side I levelled pretty quickly using them, was much more focussed and directed. On the minus side, I had less fun – there was less hunting around areas not knowing what was going to happen, less surprises, less choices.

  13. Fuck u all!


  15. Jame rewrote his entire guide. There is no longer any grinding.

    And contrary to what many believe, his guide should, if you are at all competent, provide you a fast track – the objectives, the requirements and the planning – to get you from level 1 through 70 in little more than 8 days played.

    Of course, knowing how to play your class, and knowing generally how to play the game, especially knowing how to get from point A to point B, will improve your leveling speed regardless; whether you follow this guide or not it’s different for everyone.

    People that are incompetent and lazy will always have a hard time following anything, but only because they are incapable of following or listening to any task at all.

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