Black MacBook – My WoWspace

Black MacBook

I play WoW on a Black MacBook, and it runs fine. I can’t have all the graphic modes set to highest, but don’t I have to have them on the lowest either. With a little tweaking, the game still looks beautiful.

Just a quick tip for those who play on Macs: Macs support dual monitors–you don’t need an extra video card or anything like you do on most Windows machines. I plugged in an old CRT monitor and now play Warcraft in windowed mode in the bigger CRT (17 inch), and use the laptop window for various other tasks, mainly WoWwiki, Thottbot, and iTunes. You do have to buy an adapter cord so you can plug your CRT into the DVI slot. I got mine at the Apple store. See pictures of my WoWspace below.

Wowspace 1 WoWSpace 2

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  1. I play WoW on a 24″ iMac at home but have recently fancied treating myself to a MacBook for portability (not just WoW gaming!). Does WoW really run ok on one of these little machines?

  2. Yes it does, you have to tweak the settings so everything is about “medium,” then it runs really smooth. No hangups or anything.

  3. Nice space. I played WoW just fine on my old 933MHz G4 iBook with most of the settings at low, but it worked just fine. It was a bummer that my old iBook wasn’t widescreen, but I managed.

    It’s nice to know that if I buy a Macbook, I can play WoW just fine with WiFi and a widescreen display. But I still want a white macbooks…

  4. How many inches do de screen laptop has?thanks

  5. “Macs support dual monitors–you don’t need an extra video card or anything like you do on most Windows machines”

    wrong. your assuming all non-mac intels have only one vga output. THis is only true of onboard video cards that are part of the motherboard.

    Your comment doesnt even apply to 10 year old toshiba laptops, they too have vga port and a svideo port.

    ( ive actually come across macs that only have one output….far more common that pcs only having one output.)

    it depends on your video card.

    so if your a gamer, you most likley decided on a independant 3d card. (ie one that slots in your pci/agp/pci-express)

    these usually have two video output one vga, one s-video.

    by the way, in linux, i can have your expose, dashboard, quartz(called compiz) on a big desktop that spans 50 monitors if i wanted. (of course i would need approraite amount of extra video cards to provide the required amount of vga ports.)

    ps dvi ports work just like vga ports when you use a dvi to vga adapator

    • chill out yeh?

  6. I wanted to thank you for your post… I have been wanting a Mac, and after going to the Apple Store I realized that a MacBook Pro was going to be a little out of reach. I now know that the MacBook will play WOW, and I am ready to order it up. 🙂

  7. What resolution do you run WoW at? This is a major factor in how smoothly it runs. For example, pretty much any old machine will run WoW acceptably at 800×600 resolution. 🙂

  8. Thanks for your wonderful website. I am looking at purchasing a MacBook black as well and I am a avid WoW player.

  9. Do you ever get any graphics glitches on your macbook? I have the same one and get graphics glitches all the time.

  10. hey i got a blood elf rogue but this is only me second week playin and im a bit sucky, lol, i also play on a power mac G4 and it runs fine too. well really i just posted cuse im boared cya

  11. srry that last post up there was me too and umm take out the i also part right before power mac G4 lol srry

  12. can i 25+ raid in a black macbook???

  13. i use a macbook to watch all my chelsea games..

  14. i use a macbook for all americas financial statements

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