New Rogue Changes

Scoots’ current level: 47

After a few weeks on intense playing, I’ve been taking a “break” from WoW– a break meaning playing every day for only 15 minutes or so.

There’s a new patch coming out, and it’s got some major changes in it. Check out the rogue side of things and some discussion at the WoW Rogue forums. It looks like rogues are getting buffed. I’m very happy about regular ol’ sap becoming improved sap. Blind can be improved through the talent tree. More blinding powder drops from junkboxes (I’ve already got too much of it though. I don’t use blind as much as I should). Poisoned blades no longer have limited charges and now all run on timers. That is a nice, subtle change that improves the rogue’s gaming experience. I hated pausing every 5 minutes while running a trash-laden instance to re-poison my daggers. This change will make the game a little less frustrating.

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