Singing the Warsong (Blinded by the Light)


I spent sometime in Warsong Gulch last night. I’m trying to use up some of the blinding powder I have in my inventory. So, I’ve been using the blind skill a lot in Warsong. When in a small group fighting another small group, I stealth, blind one player, and stun lock another. I figure taking one player out of the fight with blind for up to ten seconds plus using stun lock on another is a semi-powerful crowd control option. Not as powerful (or annoying) as a warlock’s Howl of Terror though. The key is going into a fight late because I get to choose a player who is not taking damage. Just like with sap, it’s annoying when I use blind only to have it broken by another’s player damage. Don’t waste my blinding powder fools!

Some good blind tips ripped from WoWwiki:

  • When fighting rogues, spamming your blind ability can give you an opportunity to break out of a stunlock.
  • In PvP, using blind gives you plenty of time to bandage and restealth, so consider alternating uses of vanish and blind as means of restealthing in combat.
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