Rogue Eq for Scoots

Current level: 49

It was a great weekend for Scoots. I picked up several pieces of equipment, most of them from a single run of Maraudon.

Blackstone Ring Blackstone Ring

Began the weekend by looting this sweet blue item from the Princess in Maraudon. Lev req 49, +6 stamina, increases attack power +20. Increases hit rating by +10 (1.1% at 54). I have to admit, I don’t understand what the beneficial math is on this, but from reading posts in forums and on Thottbot, it appears to be a sweet ring.

Crocscale Boots Albino Crocscale Boots

On the same run, I loot these sweet blue item boots from Rotgrip, a big-ass crocodile. Now these stats, I understand: +20 to agility, +5 to stamina, and +5 to nature resistance. These replace level 29 Highlanders Boots. What can I say, those boots (I had them enchanted) were just better than a lot of level 40 boots.

But the fun didn’t stop there. While I was running Maraudon, a member of the group shared his quests. One of the rewards for the quest was an awesome sword.

Thrash Blade Thrash Blade

You get this awesome sword as a quest reward. The quest, called Corruption of Earth and Seed, requires killing the princess in Maraudon. It has 35.2 dps, 2.70 speed, and chance on hit to grant an extra attack. Pretty sweet stuff, and it’s free. Finally, a quest that has eq I can actually use. Warning though, the Princess is tough. I’ve killed her both times I’ve faced her with a group of upper 40’s and low 50’s, but it’s always been a near wipe.

And to cap off the weekend, I used my honor points and marks from the PvP battleground reward for two more pieces of eq.

Sergeant Major’s Leather Armsplints Sergeant Major’s Leather Armsplints

Pretty straightforward piece of eq: +6 agility, 14 stamina, 64 armor. All it cost was 10 Warsong Gulch marks and 308 honor points. Easy enough to get.

Insignia of the Alliance Insignia of the Alliance

4,000 honor points. Dispels fear and charm spells.

As you can see, it was a productive weekend for Scoots in the World of Warcraft. I’d be ashamed to post the equipment those items replaced. The Maraudon run I did on Friday night was a huge success, and I recommend the zone to all players. Get the quests!

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  1. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your blog. Scoots is progressing a little bit ahead of my own rogue, so it’s great to get a little insight into what’s around the corner. I wouldn’t have been to SM this weekend if it hadn’t been for you! Thanks!

  2. Scarlet Monastery is tough because you get to watch everyone else get great loot. Where’s the rogue eq? At level 49, I’m just now seeing instances that drop more than one rogue item.

  3. Good point. Razorfen Downs will probably be the next instance I tackle (or Uldaman). RFD at least has a cool sword quest reward (Vanquisher’s Sword I believe) that’s the twin of the one I picked up for the Monastery quest. Aside from that, it was fun to run SM and I got great XP but short of selling the odd blue which I did manage to greed for, wasn’t financially worth a whole lot. The few blues I DID get were all soulbound so got virtually nothing for them from vendors. Rogues (certainly in the 40s) seem to get a pretty bum eq deal both in terms of Quest Rewards and regular drops.

  4. Ugg, I didn’t know about this these quests. Just checked out the Vanquisher’s Sword on Thottbot, looks pretty sweet. Looks like I missed out.

  5. XD I remember QQing in Mara, there really aren’t any good casting druid drops. I’d have to say that the most fruitful instance for balance/restoration druids would have to be ZF, a lot of leather spirit and int gear there (the Jinxed Hoodoo items), not to mention Zum’rah’s Vexing Cane, which is a great staff for all casters out there.

    But yeah, Mara is definitely a great place for rogue gear. For those who are into PvPing, though, it might be more worth it to just get the PvP rewards o_O I remember using my lvl 38 Lorekeeper’s staff for almost 10 lvls until I got the Mara quest reward staff (for killing Princess).

    Then again, it’s probably more worth it to just save your honor and marks for when you hit 70, unless if you have some really, really bad pieces that you need to replace. At this lvl, you’re just going to throw out your gear in a week or two, and it’s hard to find purples laying around at lvl 70 @_@

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