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Scoots at Level 40

This is a blog for my character Scoots on the Burning Blade server for World of Warcraft. Scoots is a gnome rogue with green spikey hair. He is also the proud owner of WoW’s finest mustache. I am a novice player who manages to play several hours a week, mostly an hour after work during weekdays and a couple hours during the weekend. Drop me a note saying hi, or come PvP me in Stranglethorn Vale.

Scoots on table

Published on February 25, 2007 at 7:52 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. Hy! I am a fan of Trolls… i play Troll Rogue… played a lot on private servers…

  2. What is this? i like gnomes, gnomes are cool, ive got 4 gnomes myself…
    70 gnome warrior
    70gnome rogue
    70 gnome mage
    70 gnome lock

  3. Dude, this is the coolest website, I’m on the Shadowsong server and have a 42 undead mage, i had to borrow money from a friend to get my mount!

  4. thank

  5. Dude i hate gnomes, and all alliance
    my main is a 70 belf pally (who i regret leveling)
    my alt which i plan on making my main once hes 70 is a tauren drood
    server: anetheron

  6. I’m a pretty new player, level 29 gnome rogue(ette) on Thunderlord PVP server. I love the tip on not showing helm b/c I like my gnomegirls’ pink hair just the way you like Scoots green hair 🙂
    Anyway this is all good info. Thanks

    p.s. i’m getting my mount tomorrow when I hit lvl 30 (thank you blizzard patch updates) And sorry to all the people that it was such a pain for at lvl 40 😦

  7. you know that when more experiance players who read this they ganna think your a noob !!!

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