Zul’Farrak: The Embrace of Lycan and a Carrot on a Stick

Scoots with wolf head

I just finished the entire Zul’Farrak instance. After about 8 runs of this zone, someone finally had the Mallet of Zul’Farrak that summons the final boss, Gahz’rilla. You get the mallet from a tough mob in Hinterlands, and you need a group to get it. Seems like if you go through all the trouble of traveling to the Hinterlands, you should just get the mallet. Not sure I get the game design reasoning for this one.

Anyways, killing Gahz’rilla allowed me to finish a quest, which had the reward of a Carrot on a Stick. It’s a silly trinket that increases your riding speed by a whole 3%. I guess the point is that it stacks with other riding speed eq. So if you collect enough gear, you’re suddenly a speed demon.

Carrot on a stick My Carrot on a Stick.

I also looted a Embrace of the Lycan from an earlier boss in the zone. It is a sweet little head item you see Scoots wearing in the picture above. Doesn’t it look ridiculous? Perfect for Scoots. Perhaps not the greatest rogue item, but Scoots doesn’t have much blue gear anyways, as I’ve been hoarding up his gold for higher levels.

Lycan Embrace of the Lycan.

I also leveled while running the zone. Current level:48.

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PvP server regrets?


I started out with a character on a PvE server. It was when WoW just came out, and I purchased the game only to discover my computer was too slow to play it. I purchased a new computer (a MacBook) and created Scoots on a PvP server. Why? I thought the “never safe” feeling of PvP would be more exciting. When you’re out grinding in contested territory, you’re always in danger of being ganked.

Sometimes, PvP is fun, like when you spot an enemy, but he doesn’t see you, and you stealth on over for an easy kill. Or, when you are ambushed and somehow survive and slay your enemy. But today, the PvP experience was a detraction to the game. All I wanted to do was turn in some quests at Nesingwary’s Expedition in Stranglethorn Vale and log out, but some level 70 Horde was camping out ganking low-level characters. The Expedition camp is a great area for ganking Alliance, since there are three quest-giving NPCs there. So, it took me 5 minutes to log out instead of 10 seconds.

I don’t regret having my main character on a PvP server. But sometime, I do wish I could turn it off. Such is life.

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Nesingwary’s Expedition: A Skinner’s Paradise

Nesingwary’s Expedition

I had one of those “Aha!” moments recently concerning a series of quests I’ve been neglecting. They are quests you get from Nesingwary’s Expedition. If you are a skinner, do these quests! Basically the quests are kill so many tigers, or, kill so many panthers, and report back to the quest giver. No big challenge, but the extra bonuses a skinner gets from doing these quests are nice. You get exp from both killing the beasts and finishing the quests, and you get hella gold from selling the skins on auction.

This “Aha!” moment was inspired by reading some advice online about leveling in WoW. Doing quests supposedly gets you experience faster than just grinding. The idea is, though, you have to combine it with pseudo-grinding by killing all creatures on your way to completing the quest, whether they are part of the quest or not.

I might try this strategy a little more. I mean, I still like to grind. I can put on some music or a podcast, and it’s kind of relaxing. A quest can be mostly you running form point A to point B, then back to A again, with a little story added in.

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The Princess Trapped

I just completed a quest called The Princess Trapped in Drywhisker Gorge. There are a bunch of spread out kobolds guarding the entrance, then a winding cave that eventually leads to an obelisk that you right click on to complete the quest. There were a couple kobolds guarding the obelisk. I think it was 3, but I’m not sure because one of them may have been killed before I got there.

I think this quest would have been best done with a partner. I got a little lucky as there were some horde players messing around inside. They made it easier for me by clearing out some mobs. They also caught me by surprise and killed me. But then they made the mistake of forgetting about me.
After regaining my life, I stealthed down the corridor and caught one them, a level 35 hunter, in the back with a garrote. The fool didn’t flee or buy time for backup, he just kept on fighting me. His friend was too busy fighting around the corner to come to his aid. The Horde hunter was quickly bleeding to death from the garrote. Then, to make matters worse, my poisoned blades caught him, further draining away his hit points. Help eventually did arrive–the warrior sprinted into view around the corner–but too late. The hunter crumpled to the ground with a final death gasp.

Now, for the warrior. I was low on HP and needed some time to heal. With a toss of a little flash powder, I vanished. Now, the vanish skill doesn’t always work in these situations. Even if a rogue is stealthed, a faint image can be seen if he’s too close to the enemy. Luckily, the warrior didn’t see me. But I wasn’t out of trouble yet.

Residual damage (bleeding or something that causes damage over time) caused me to come out of stealth. I scampered down the corridor and, not having not been engaged in combat by the warrior, was able to stealth again. I waited until full health, then easily disposed of the warrior as well. Ah, revenge, a dish best served cold.

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