No Exp for You

Current level: stuck on 49.

I haven’t gained a single experience point in about a week. I’ve been playing Warsong Gulch. Last weekend, I took advantage of the bonus honor points from the Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch world event and landed myself around 3000 honor. This weekend will be the Arathi Basin event, but sadly there will be no WoW for me. Scoots will be back next week though, so no worries Scoots lovers.

I’ve come across lots of people discussing their favorite WoW sites, like Thottbot, the Gobling Workshop, and WoWhead. My current favorite is WoWwiki. I use it most often when running instances. I’ll have the instance’s WoWwiki page open on my laptop and read (reread) up on the different parts and bosses of the zone. I find that it helps me memorize the zone. WoWwiki just tends to have those extra little pieces of information that Thottbot sometimes is missing, or that you have to scan through all those crappy user comments to discover. WoWwiki isn’t perfect–it’s not as complete as Thottbot in terms of having every single little thing in the game. But, I still find it incredibly useful. It’s taken over my number 1 most-visited WoW site crown.

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