Black MacBook – My WoWspace

Black MacBook

I play WoW on a Black MacBook, and it runs fine. I can’t have all the graphic modes set to highest, but don’t I have to have them on the lowest either. With a little tweaking, the game still looks beautiful.

Just a quick tip for those who play on Macs: Macs support dual monitors–you don’t need an extra video card or anything like you do on most Windows machines. I plugged in an old CRT monitor and now play Warcraft in windowed mode in the bigger CRT (17 inch), and use the laptop window for various other tasks, mainly WoWwiki, Thottbot, and iTunes. You do have to buy an adapter cord so you can plug your CRT into the DVI slot. I got mine at the Apple store. See pictures of my WoWspace below.

Wowspace 1 WoWSpace 2

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